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Daniel Jose Older on Hour of the Wolf tonight

Hour of the Wolf is back on the air tonight, starting with Daniel José Older reading from his remarkable new collection, Salsa Nocturna.   [ http://salsanocturna.com/ ]

Imagine a mashup of Thorne Smith, Jim Butcher, Theodore Sturgeon with a genuine modern street voice, all with a little Gillespie/Monk/Parker thrown in from the spirit world.  Good Stuff!

That's 1:30-3:00 AM over WBAI Radio at 99.5 FM in New York City, and http://stream.wbai.org.

Clay & Susan Griffith read 10/4, hosted by Margot Adler

The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings
Clay & Susan Griffith
Margot Adler, guest host
     Tuesday, October 4 -- Doors open 6:30 PM
     $7 suggested donation
     The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art
     (address and links below)
This month we feature a close look at those fascinating blood-suckers -- vampires. (You thought we were talking about investment bankers, didn't you?) For this supernatural excursion, we bring you three experts on the subject: Margot Adler of National Public Radio, and Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith who have fashioned the steampunk Vampire Empire. 

Clay and Susan Griffith are a married couple who have written and published together for more than a decade.  Their most recent series, Vampire Empire, has had steampunk and vampire fans ecstatic with its genre-blending adventure.  The first book, The Greyfriar, was released by Pyr Books to critical acclaim, and we expect no less from the recently released new novel, The Rift Walker.  

Their credits include three books for Bantam Doubleday Dell in the mid-1990s, and another for Pinnacle Entertainment in 2002, along with numerous short stories published in many anthologies.  They've also written scripts for television and published graphic novels.  Visit them online at http://clayandsusangriffith.blogspot.com 

Margot Adler is probably best known for her work as a journalist and correspondent for National Public Radio. A Clarion workshop graduate, she recently became fascinated with the world and subculture of vampire fiction.  She has read (as of this writing) 184 such books over the last couple of years, and has lectured and broadcast on the topic.  (The list of her first 75 is at http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=123115545 )

Adler began her radio career at WBAI in the late Sixties. She started  her daily live radio program, Hour of the Wolf, in 1972 and followed that with the program Unstuck in Time.  She joined NPR in 1979 as a general assignment reporter covering NYC, and is a regular voice on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  Since 9/11, she has focused much of her work on stories exploring the human factors of New York City, from the loss of loved ones, homes and jobs to work in the relief effort.  She hosted the radio show Justice Talking until the show's funding expired in 2008.   

Margot is the author of Drawing Down the Moon, considered a watershed in American NeoPagan circles, and Heretic's Heart.  Her grandfather, Alfred Adler, is the father of individual psychology.


The New York Review of Science Fiction Reading Series provides performances from some of the best writers in science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, etc.  The series usually takes place the first Tuesday of every month, but maintains flexibility in time and place, so be sure to stay in touch through the mailing list and the Web.

Books will be available at the event.

Afterwards, please join us as we treat our readers for dinner and drinks nearby. 

Jim Freund is Producer and Executive Curator of The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings.  He has been involved in producing radio programs of and about literary sf/f since 1967.  His long-running live radio program, “Hour of the Wolf” (created by Margot Adler,) broadcasts and streams every Wednesday night/Thursday morning from 1:30-3:00 AM.  Programs are available by stream for 2 weeks after broadcast.  (Check http://hourwolf.com or follow @JimFreund for details.)

The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art  (www.sohodigart.com)  is dedicated to re-establishing SoHo as an international center for the development of new artistic forms, concepts and ideas.  A screens-instead-of-canvases approach allows a wide selection of art from around the world which would otherwise never make it to the City.  The SGDA is available for private gatherings and events of all kinds.  For bookings call (800) 420-5590 or visit http://sohogallerynyc.com

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Doors open at 6:30 -- event begins at 7

The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art
138 Sullivan Street  (between Houston & Prince St.)


By Subway
6, C, E to Spring St.; A, B D or F to West 4th; 1 train to Houston St; or R, W to Prince St.

There are many convenient bus lines that come within a couple of blocks of the gallery.  Use the link above for an interactive transit map.



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Hour of the Wolf radio show moves to new night

Hour of the Wolf, the world’s longest-running radio program regarding science fiction and fantasy, has ended its initial 38-year run from 5-7 AM on WBAI-FM and will be beginning a new era in an exciting late-night timeslot. The show will be broadcast on the radio and streamed over the Internet live Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings from 1:30 to 3 AM starting Thanksgiving Eve.

Over the years, producer and host Jim Freund has presented many of the world’s greatest science fiction, fantasy and horror writers in live interviews, readings and listener calls. Through the decades, guests have included Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Octavia Butler, Samuel R. Delany, Harlan Ellison, Frank Herbert, Dr. Michio Kaku, Ursula K. LeGuin, Barry N. Malzberg, Frederik Pohl, Gene Roddenberry, Theodore Sturgeon, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Connie Willis, Roger Zelazny, and hundreds more.

In addition to presenting such established great writers, Hour of the Wolf will continue to be a forum for adventurous authors who are expanding the field of speculative fiction and interstitial literature. The show will also continue to experiment with innovative ideas, such as regularly hosting Altered Fluid, a writer’s group which critiques first draft stories by its members live on the air. Recorded performances from the New York Review of Science Fiction Readings (also produced and curated by Jim Freund) and the KGB Fantastic Fiction Readings will continue to be a staple, along with new, original radio drama.

The first episode of the new era of the show will feature one of the program’s favorite guests: science fiction and fantasy writer Richard Bowes, who has published five novels, two collections of short fiction and fifty short stories and articles. Recent and forthcoming stories appear in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and the Digital Domains, Best Gay Stories, Beastly Bride, Wilde Stories, Haunted Legends, Naked City, Nebula Awards Showcase 2011, Supernatural Noir and Blood and Other Cravings anthologies. He has won the World Fantasy, Lambda, International Horror Guild and Million Writers Awards.

Hour of the Wolf began life on WBAI in 1972 as a free-form live radio program. Created by Margot Adler (now of National Public Radio, and author of Drawing Down the Moon andHeretic's Heart,), the program originally ran Monday thru Friday from 5 - 7 AM. Thursdays and Fridays were designated as a 'Science Fiction Spectacular' with Jim Freund co-hosting those mornings. In July, 1974, Jim Freund became the sole host when Margot Adler moved to another timeslot.

About 1975, the show narrowed its focus to concentrate on science fiction and related fields of endeavor. In 1983, the program was moved to Saturday mornings.

The title is taken from the Ingmar Bergman film Hour of the Wolf ( Vargtimmen in Swedish), and refers to the time of day “between night and dawn” and the ancient belief that this is when “most children are born and most people die,” and when fantasy is made real.

In addition to the broadcast over 99.5 FM in New York, Hour of the Wolf can be heard live over the Internet at http://stream.wbai.org and a streaming archive of the two most recent episodes are available at http://archive.wbai.org/show1.php?showid=hotwolf Links to each are maintained at the main Web site at http://hourwolf.com

Listener-sponsored, commercial-free WBAI broadcasts over 99.5 FM in New York City and is a part of the Pacifica Foundation. The station can also be heard overhttp://stream.wbai.org and through a few smartphone apps.

Jim Freund has been involved in producing radio programs of and about literary sf/f since 1967 when he began working at New York City's WBAI at age 13 as an intern for Baird Searles. Over the years, he has produced myriad radio dramas, and lost track long ago of how many interviews and readings he has done or presented. His work has been twice nominated for and once a winner of the Major Armstrong Award for Excellence in Radio Production. Jim has also dabbled (occasionally with great success) in producing for the New York stage. He is currently Producer and Executive Curator of The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings. He occasionally maintains his Web site at http://hourwolf.com, sporadically tweets as @JimFreund, and blogs on LiveJournal.

Fantasy For a Spell

October is usually Fantasy time on the radio show, and this year is no exception. Joining me for the month is Veronica Schanoes. (That's Professor Schanoes, thank you very much.  For you LJers, it's vschanoes )

Our first program, October 11th, was mostly chat and Veronica Professor Schanoes read one of her stories. To hear it, click here.

Coming up next is a wonderful reading/lecture Terri Windling and Howard Gayton did recently at KGB Fantastic Fiction. I'll be at Capclave, so Veronica will host on her own. (Send assurances -- she'll be great!)
The next week, 11/25 will be a quick fix: we'll decide the agenda after this weekend. And of course, the week after is All Hallow's Eve. Be afwaid. Be vewwy vewwy afwaid...

   "Let's have a party there's a full moon in the sky,
    It's the hour of the wolf and I don't want to die."
                                                  -- Danny Elfman

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All-Nighter this Friday/Saturday

Pardon the formality, but this is a press release, after all...

This Friday night into Saturday morning, New York's listener-sponsored WBAI will feature an all-night broadcast of science fiction and fantasy hosted by producer Jim Freund.  Starting the festivities off at 10 PM will be the 40th anniversary broadcast of Samuel R. Delany's breakthrough radio drama, "The Star Pit", followed by a broadcast of the tribute held early October at the New York Review of Science Fiction Readings. (There was a review of the event at  http://sfscope.com/2007/11/the-star-pit-by-samuel-r-delan.html)
After The Star Pit anniversary there will be assorted radio dramas and interviews from WBAI's past.  At 5 AM (by then Saturday morning, and Hour of the Wolf's usual time slot,) Jim Freund will be joined live by sf great Lucius Shepard, who will read and take phone calls.
WBAI broadcasts to the NY Metropolitan area at 99.5 FM and streams over the Web at http://stream.wbai.org.  An archive of the broadcast will be available for about eight months thereafter at http://hourwolf.com.