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Hidden TV Gems

Tonight at 6 PM EDT, the Hallmark Movie Channel, in a misbegotten attempt to have Christmas all year 'round, is broadcasting Hogfather by Terry Pratchett.  A perfectly good, if not thoroughly inspired production featuring David Jason, (who was also Rincewind earlier this year in The Colour of Magic,) Marc Warren, David Warner and Ian Richardson as Death.  

I suspect Hallmark is running this having more to do with Xmas than with Pratchett, given that it's sandwiched between "One Magic Christmas" and "Anne Tyler's Saint Maybe."  But if you're a Pratchett fan (and if you're not that just means you haven't read him yet) you should see this.  BTW, Going Postal has been announced for next year.

David Hartwell said on a panel (last year ay CapClave) that Pratchett can lower your cholestrol.  Right. 

I also note that Animal Planet is running Creature Comforts tonight at 8 PM, and repeating it at 11.  I'm not sure whether this is the the UK series or the shirt-lived American series, but both are good.  I can always use an Aardman Animation fix.  Since that's a series, keep checking for future broadcasts for more episodes.

Both shows are available in HD.

Tags: aardman, animation, terry pratchett, tv

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