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Is anybody there?
So it's been years since I've posted anything to LJ, largely because it seemed even more deserted than Google+.  But I might/could blog about some stuff if I thought there was an audience/communty for for it.  Please honk your horn, raise your hand, or just post a simple 'Hi' in response to let me know.


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That's good to know! Long time no see...

Cool! That's 2 in a reasonably short time...

Drifting in digital space bumping into alien "intelligences" inspecting the empty hull of the Google+ formation. There in the distance in a cloud of stupidity was a god-like aberration named Alex Jones broadcasting defamations like kisses in a brothel.
I made a desperate gesture for the reverse thrusters, tumbling and spinning through Collections, Communities hitting the Follow button on anything science just to get away from the sirens of stupidity. Oh how they called to me, it was terrifying, and then, there was 'hour of the wolf'! my old friend of lobster shift lore? yes!. But alas, sad, sad news that had passed me by, Margot, oh Margot sweet disembodied voice of 'home', gone Home.
So I now find myself here with you and say Thank You! with full heart for rescuing me during the hour of the wolf when I was deep below World Trade Tower Two, working and nearly conscious enough to recognize I was in the bowels of deep space on an abandoned freighter with a skeleton crew waiting for dawn and listening to bright minds on the Frequency Modulation 99.5.
I stear my vessel away now, toward the constellation Ram Dass for further investigations, where 'every man' has gone before. [sic]

Re: Life Support, check...

Gee Andrew, it's taken me months to see your comment. I think's LJ's notification system leaves a little something to be desired.

At any rate, thank you so much! It's heartening to know there *are* listeners out there.


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